Online and In-Store Demo Product Video

product_england_05Product Videos are the best way to educate your customers on the “value” of your product.

Imagine having a product video displayed in your Retail Locations, viewed from your Website, viewed from all your Internet Retailers Websites, Industry Websites and Social Media Networks around the world.



TILLER PRODUCTIONS produces Product Videos that explain product benefits and features with a information focused and consumer friendly approach. The result is a video that educates the consumer, takes away their objections, and increases sales by speeding up their buying decision.


What Are Some of The Benefits of Using Product Videos?

Increases Sales Conversions
Total Control of Your Message
Communicate Critical Information
Powerful Tool for Customer Reps to Share Information With Customers
More Cost Effective than Creating Literature, Printing, and Mailings
Tools to Measure Your Results
Increased Brand Exposure
Keeps Product Information Updated, Accurate & Consistent

The power of Video

We have all witnessed the power of video on a daily basis. People are so busy and so rushed that they feel they have no time for anything! They are bothered by any inconvenience or interruption.

Until a video comes into view. Suddenly, they are not so aware of their busy schedule. They tend to tune in and pay attention to what is on the screen. They are not bothered by any inconvenience or interruption because of the  video because video is not scene as an inconvenience or interruption.

We use this frequent phenomenon to reach people with the information about your product or service.  This increases interest in your product or service. And it just gets better from there. Statically, people who watch a video are much more likely to take action after the video.

90% of online shoppers said they find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions.

Demoing a product or service allows customers to see how it works without having to risk buying it first. Through the power of video, they will feel comfortable even familiar with your product or service and therefore ready to buy when they have their first contact with you.

Do you have competitors in your area of expertise or industry but you have a superior product or service? Using video to explain the difference between you and all the rest! It can make all the difference in whether people buy from you and your company or another.

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