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As the most effective form of media, video is the perfect communication tool for your church and ministry!heartland_opener_01

If you want people to engage with your message, then have to give them something that will capture their attention and stir their imagination.

At TILLER PRODUCTIONS, we’re experts in producing dynamic video presentations that communicate the culture and values of your ministry.


Here are the most popular ways our ministry clients utilize our services:

Weekly Video Announcements
Annual Business Meeting Video
Mission Trip Video
Newcomer DVDs for Visitors
Campaign Video
Event Video
Promotional Video






You have experienced it yourself many times in a church or ministry setting: when you use some sort of visual along with the spoken message you get a much more positive response from those who you are trying to reach. This is the effect that a well made video gives you.

Outside the church, people are exposed to this on a daily basis. This exposure conditions them to this kind of stimulus. This sets them up in an unspoken expectation within themselves. If you are not using it in your church or ministry you can be missing something. This can leave people feeling “flat” and uninformed.

Promotional Big Events Video

DSM BUCS Promo Video and Logo Loop

If entertainment or excitement is part or all of what you do as an organization, you have to consider using video to achieve your goals!

Rev up the crowd and set the mood for all the action that is to come with a “fire em up” video. Creating the correct atmosphere for your next event is crucial to how your event will turn out. Make the excitement happen from the beginning!

Transitioning your audience in the right state of mind is just as important as the content of the event. You can use video to prepare those in attendance for the big thing that you want them to pay attention to.

They are now ready for an exciting experience that they will want to have again. People tend to talk about things that they are excited about. Experiences that they enjoyed. You will ensure that you will be the talk at the next water cooler discussion.

We have packages that include several vital video pieces to make sure that your next event is a huge success. We can fit many budgets and we are willing to work on tight time frames to help you meet your deadlines.

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