Safety and Training Videos

forklift_safety_videoAre you responsible for communicating important safety and training information to new hires, employees, contractors and visitors?


Do off-the-shelf training programs fail to meet your company’s needs? Tiller Productions can help you creates dynamic safety and training videos that make positive changes in your workforce and meet specific compliance demands?


What Issues Are Companies Using Video To Address?

Employee Motivation
Performance Enhancement
Loss Control Prevention
Risk Management
Workplace Safety
Post-Incident/Accident Retraining
OSHA Compliance
Harassment or Violence Prevention
Discrimination Issues
Employee Conflict Resolution
Crisis Management
Emergency Response
Customer Service
Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention
Substance Abuse Prevention
Employee Assistance (EAP)
Bilingual Services


How We Work

During our initial meeting, we lead you through a series of exploratory questions designed to help us understand your industry, how you currently train your workforce, and the training needs you want to fill. We analyze your:

  • Industry-specific challenges
  • Target audience
  • Training objectives
  • Media options for delivery

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Based upon our analysis, we deliver a detailed proposal to you, outlining our plan for developing and producing your project. When development begins, our producers work directly with you to gain a deep understanding of your training goals. Content experts work with our production team from scripting through post-production to the insure accuracy and consistency of the final product.

Factory Tours and Facility Spotlight Videos

England Furniture – Factory Tour from Tiller Productions

As a leading company in your industry you want to make sure that the people considering using your products or services understand the scope and process of the work that you do. You also want to give them a sense of the size and abilities of your on-site operations. A video is a great way to communicate this valuable information.

Video gives you the ability to control your message and feature precisely what you want to make sure your customers see when evaluating your company.

The process will start with a great working script that we will help you create with all the aspects that are important to you included. From there we will begin to form a “shot list” marking out all of the areas of the facility that we will use. This will allow you to be prepared long before the cameras start to roll and you and your team will know what to expect.

Most video shoots will begin and wrap up the same day or within a few days. Once the video is shot at your location(s), we take it into editing and add animations, effects, music beds, etc. to make the video compelling and exciting to watch. We use the effects to make your material easy to understand.

After the video is finished, you can choose the media that you would like to make the video available in. PRESTO CHANGO we are done! What could be better?


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