Recent Video Project for Lawman Guitars

Here at Tiller we do monthly video campaigns for our clients that help them market their products or services. Lawman Guitars one of those clients that is seeing a great return on their investment.

Lawman Guitars is an online store/business that sales rare vintage guitars to customers all over the world. Most the guitar inventory that they sale can be found on their website,, as well as on other well known selling websites such as Reverb and Ebay.

Mike, of Lawman Guitars, comes one about once a month to demo his newest additions. He has been in the business for years and knows his stuff. He presents himself in the video as the expert that he is. Showing the joy that this business brings to him is easy for Mike. He is so passionate about these vintage guitars!

Most people online want to buy from companies that they know, like, and trust. Companies that are clearly skilled and full of passion for they product or service. They want the best in every area knowing that there is no time to waste in life spending hours trying to figure things out. Video is an easy way to way to begin to build the right rapport with your customers. The video tells your customers quickly that YES! they have found what/who they are looking for.

Video is building more in more in the online arena as the preferred first interaction between companies and customers. Most online shoppers will tell you that getting the best information quickly is why they are using the internet to contact you in the first place. Businesses who want to capitalize on this inaction will want to have great video available on their website and all through out the internet.

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