Professional DVD Authoring and Mastering?

When it comes to DVDs, authoring includes the gathering of materials (video, film, stills, menus, audio) into a format compatible with the DVD specifications. The DVD specification is a program of guidelines created by the DVD Forum. The DVD Forum is a compilation of hardware manufacturers, software firms, and content providers.

The specification is a set of meticulous principles and regulations made to safeguard compatibility, unity, and integration with all DVD players and DVD content. Even though the specification has clear guidelines, there are still authoring programs and DVD players that may not follow all of the specifications. This can cause the DVDs not to play at all or may not play the way you envisioned.

The look of the DVD should emanate its content. This is done through quality designing used to each aspect of the DVD, including menus, printing and packaging.

When recording events or trainings or others things that you want to play on a DVD, the files are not ready as/is to use in DVDs. Their files sizes are large. To change the large files and make them small enough to fit on a DVD, they must be encoded or compressed. Using the proper formats to compress your DVD is important. This process can be completed by employing either hardware or software encoding.

Included in our DVD authoring will be our professional high quality design, all video post-production work, and CD-ROM programming.DVD_Authoring_Iowa

Distribution of your finished DVD becomes easy with our easy format conversions that are mobile friendly. We can convert you film for use on all mobile devices as well such as ipods, PSPs, iphone, androids, and more.

We make it effortless and affordable to get professional DVD encoding, menu design, and authoring for your project. We’ll take your film, video, and additional content and blend them into a powerful expert DVD that’s customized to your project

Tiller Productions is a full-service media production company.  That means we’re highly committed to taking care of our clients needs and helping them meet their objectives.  In addition to offering Video, Web Design, Live Streaming and Digital Signage, we also provide the following services to help meet your goals and deadlines.

  • CD and DVD Duplications
  • DVD Authoring
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Online Video (YouTube, FaceBook, Vimeo, Google Video, ect.)
  • Video Format Conversions
  • Podcasting
  • Audio Editing and Production
  • Voice Over Talent
  • Videography Service
  • Power Point Designs

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