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YouTubeVideo Engages Website Visitors

When videos are properly produced, they captivate people.

Rather than having to navigate, scroll and click to find what the person is looking for, the video becomes a one-stop shop for information.

Videos feel more relaxed than reading and the person visiting your website is engaged until they are ready to follow your call-to-action.

Our video production platforms easily performs this flow whether you want their next step to be calling you, going directly to a shopping cart, or donating on your website.

Attract New Customers through Relevant Search Results

No conversation about your website and marketing efforts is complete without taking about search engine optimization (SEO). A business must show up alongside other comparable businesses as people search the internet. The easier you are found, the better chances you have to grow as a business. Since Google and other search engines reward websites that include video, you are attacking two obstacles to growing you business in one move. Attracting more new customers and effectively engaging them when they visit your website.

Creates True Believers

Des MoinesVideo can give customers an extensive look at a product or a demonstration that answers any questions they might have about buying. A well produced video gives peace of mind to the customer influencing the way he or she feels about your business and website overall. Building trust and credibility is essential to growing your business and therefore should be one of the main purposes of your website.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Video newsletters can attract customers attention. By some estimates, the open rate for a video newsletter is two to three times higher. This ensures that your business stands out from the crowd. These video communications are personalized with individualized greetings, references to previously purchases or donations, or offers based on shopping history, geography, surveys, and the list goes on.

Creates Online Personalization

Although shopping online has continued to rise, customer still desire that personal touch and the social aspect of in-person buying. By improve your customer’s experience on your website, you will experience increased customer loyalty, conversion rates and average order price. Video raises the quality of online personalization, and in many cases, rivals the in-person shopping experience.

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